Outlander Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers: Jamie, Claire reunite; Emotional reunion scene anticipated

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Outlander Season 3 release date spoilers
Outlander Season 3 release date is in 2017. Latest spoilers reveal that Jamie & Claire Fraser finally reunites with intense emotions in next season.

Outlander Season 3 release date is certain and its arrival in 2017 is true as the production team has started filming the first episode of the series. Rumors mentioned that the new season comprises Jamie and Claire’s emotional reunion.

In the previous season, Claire was stuck in 1968, centuries away from Jamie’s time (1868). While she stayed in her time, Jamie prepared for a battle against the British soldiers in Culloden Moor. After the war, Claire knew that Jamie survived, which made her wish to go time traveling again to see him.

According to Vine Report, there is a huge possibility that the two lead characters, Jamie and Claire Fraser, will reunite. From there, fans could expect intense and emotional episodes from the season.

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The production designer Jon Gary’s Instagram post supported this claim. Based from how the image looked like, it showed an old-fashioned window placed inside a room with unfinished walls.

The same source also described that the image depicted the bedroom where Jamie and Claire possibly reunite. Other fans commented that it might be Jamie’s home in Scotland, particularly in Lallybroch. Given these speculations, the reunion between the two lovers is imaginable.

Inquisitr also stated that it’s also predictable to see the Frasers reunite as a family. However, complications could occur in the story wherein Jamie reportedly decided to remarry, while Claire is away from his time. At that point, the lead character feels frustrated.

Moreover, Sam Heughan, who played the role as Jamie Fraser in the series, revealed that there would be new characters to join them in the future episodes as well. In his official Twitter account, he said that the show is “shaping up nicely” and exciting characters are coming.

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Vine Report stated David Berry will play as a closeted gay man, Lord John Grey. He will join other characters like Laoghaire’s daughter, Marsali (Nell Hudson); older Fergus, Jamie’s nephew Ian Fraser; Yi Tien Cho, a Chinese stowaway; and William Ransom, a young boy who has a close connection with Jamie.

Outlanders Season 3 release date will be in 2017 on Starz.

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