Outlander Season 3 Spoilers: Things you need to know about the Battle of Culloden and Jamie’s fate during the epic war

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Outlander Season 3
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The second season of Starz’s Outlander ended just when the Battle of Culloden was about to commence, leaving the fans a major cliffhanger for Outlander Season 3.

As far as last season’s major cliffhanger’s concerned, showrunner Ronald D. Moore of the famous British time-travelling drama and main cast Sam Heughan (Jamie Frasier) have already confirmed that the fans would not have to wait for Season 3’s mid-season episodes to witness the conclusion of Battle of Culloden.

According to Master Herald, Moore claimed that the Battle of Culloden shall feature an epic “bloody but spectacular” scene which was promised by the show in Season 2. To note, the epic scene was based on history and it connects to the destruction of the Jacobites.

Moore added that in connection to the Battle of Culloden, the show will transition in a completely different beginning to the story as Outlander transcends to Voyager. Voyager is Diana Gabaldon’s third book where the third season was also based upon.

Meanwhile, what exactly happened to Jamie during the battle? According to Movie Pilot, Jamie’s fate was somehow fortunate as by some miracle, he survived in one of the most violent battles in Scottish history. But how? At this moment, no one really knows how but in the third novel, Jamie is seen laying on the ground after the battle, next to a dead Black Jack Randall. Jamie ends up as the sole survivor because of a debt of honor, owned to him by Lord John Grey.

Another thing that the fans would want to anticipate in next year’s Outlander Season 3 is the reunion of Jamie and her beloved Claire. In retrospect, Claire traveled back through time, leaving Jamie in the Battle of Culloden.

Photo courtesy: outlander_starz/Instagram

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