Penny Dreadful news and rumors: Will Penny Dreadful face renewal or cancellation after season 3?

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“Penny Dreadful” season three is nearing its end soon. And as the season draws to a close, fans of the show are once again asking if it will be on its series end or whether it will live on for another season.

At this time last year “Penny Dreadful” was also in the same situation. Fans then were speculating whether the show will be renewed or not. According to Movie News Guide, it was almost the same time last year, just when the season two was about to end, Showtime decided to renew “Penny Dreadful” for a third season.

Now fans are wondering if it would be true again for this year. Season three of the show has fewer episodes than the previous season, so it would mean that the show will end much faster. So far there seems to be no word from Showtime if it would have a fourth or third season, would be the last.

One factor that could determine the show’s future would be its ratings. Carter Matt says in its report that in terms of ratings it has not gone down that much from season two. Among the 18-49 age group, it has maintained its 0.2 rating. Nonetheless for ratings, it isn’t exactly a blockbuster, but it has been a steady performer for Showtime. The show is also said to have Eva Green up for contention for awards.

Certainly it has been noted that while “Penny Dreadful” has been steady in its ratings, it isn’t much of a competition either for bigger shows like “The Walking Dead.” It will depend then on Showtime whether to renew consistently, though hardly blockbuster shows or risks it and try to get a project that has more potential.

If those viewers who voted for it would have their way, then it probably has a chance of getting another season. Parent Herald notes that 99.4 percent of those who voted, wanted to have the show renewed. That is a good news for the show though it will still depend on Showtime whether the show will have its fourth season.

Photo courtesy: Showtime

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