Peppa Pig officially cancelled: Teaches wrong values, bad example to kids, causes Autism

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Peppa Pig cancelled
Peppa Pig cancelled, Peppa Pig, Autism

Who would have known? Peppa Pig, a British pre-school animated series that originally started way back in 2004 has been considered a bad influence to preschoolers, and rumors say the show causes autism among children?

Peppa Pig has grown by multitudes over the years, in DVDs, Peppa Pig books, and it even has a Word Theme Park. It also sells merchandize, which has grossed over £200 million in UK in 2010.

According to a report by Healthy Tips World a group of Harvard University experts discovered that the show causes autism, and that “there is a proof that shows an increased inadversarial, snide, questioning, confrontating, and disrespectful behavior in children which results from watching cartoons such as Peppa Pig.”

It alleges that the characters portrayed show examples of bad behavior, questionable traits that could mislead kids into understanding this as appropriate. It would tend to influence children’s way of thinking, especially being at a very critical stage of their psychological development, causing superiority complex and stubbornness.

It warns that parents should be warned about this, and has led to the rumor of Peppa Pig being officially cancelled.

Yes, it’s just a rumor, and so far no advance evidence has been found to solidify these claims.

It is also not true that “children exposed to at least 30 minutes a day of the show have a 56% higher probability of developing autism,” as reported by iTech Post.

The rumor originated from a certain Marc Wildemberg, a supposed epidemiologist who claims to lead the research, but upon trying to investigate further and dig up more information, nothing substantial or credible has been found. In fact, such profile of Wildemberg wielded nothing at all.

The Peppa Pig show has had its shares of criticism in the past, such as in its first two series where the character was depicted not wearing seat belts, and was considered a danger to kids who may follow its example. In 2012, a complaint was forwarded regarding its “Mister Skinnylegs” episode, for encouraging befriending spiders.

But such claims made regarding autism is unfounded, and there is no truth that Peppa Pig is officially cancelled.

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