‘Person of Interest’ Season Five Update: Sarah Shahi makes comeback as final season starts airing May 3

As the trio of The Machine, John Reese and Harold Finch continue their crime prevention activities, Sarah Shahi who plays Sameen Shaw in CBS’ drama action spy series “Person of Interest” makes a big comeback in the show’s final season.

As the trio of The Machine, John Reese and Harold Finch continue their crime prevention activities, Sarah Shahi who plays Sameen Shaw in CBS’ drama action spy series “Person of Interest” makes a big comeback in the show’s final season.


Shahi will reprise her role as Sameen Shaw, a government assassin who has a personality disorder who loves to point and shoot bad guys. She is also identified by The Machine as an asset to both Finch and Reese. As to how she will be inserted into the show’s 13 short episodes, from the original 22 episodes, is still to be determined. Rumors are swelling that she might be inserted in a sixth to an eighth episode of the show.

Shahi’s role was deemed to have died in Season Four, but in reality, she had to take a much-needed rest as the 36-year old former NFL cheerleader was then pregnant with her third child with husband Steve Howey. Her last big scene on the show as reported by cinema blend featured a gun being pointed at her head. Later, a gunshot was heard.

Yeah, false alarm, she is not dead and she is coming back ready to kick someone’s a** as she will be joining Reese and Finch in trying to stop the crime from occurring. However, they are now facing a new enemy called Decima Technologies, which starts to acquire hardware to bring to live a new artificial intelligence called Samaritan, using the codes from Harold’s old college classmate, Arthur Claypool. In the season three finale, it is revealed that Vigilance was created by Decima to make them seem as domestic terrorists. This allowed Decima to get all the NSA feeds to make Samaritan working.

The team’s goal is to stop the Samaritan from working and thus, The Machine creates new identities for the Team, including the insertion of Shahi, so that they can fly beneath Samaritan’s radar.

Show-runners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman revealed IGN some insights as how the storyline for Season Five will take off as episode one entitled “B.S.O.D.” (as in “Blue Screen of Death), opens with an action-packed sequence in which Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) evade gunfire and race to save the Machine while Root (Amy Acker) tries her hardest to draw Samaritan assassins away from them.

“That’s the conundrum that Harold Finch faces now as he tries to reconstitute the Machine. Root implores him that it’s going to be different this time. We have to wonder though, because there’s always been tension between Harold and Root when it comes to putting a limit on his Machine. When he was confronted with its demise at the end of last season we saw that there was a genuine emotional connection. And we saw in Harold really just how much he was going to miss this thing that he created. And so a lot of this season becomes about ‘Can he rebuild it?’ Not only just how much the world would miss it but how necessary it is. And so Reese and Root become the two characters pushing Harold along saying ‘You have to do this.’ The dystopian world that they’re living in now, that we see right out of the gate, where we see how powerful and entrenched Samaritan has become and how controlling it’s become, is a world that none of them want to live in. Or can’t live in,” Plageman explained.

Asked on how will the shows’ final season come to an end, both Plageman and Nolan stated that it will be explosive with so many twists. Plageman admitted that once they got the reduced episode order, he then gathered into mind an explosive and satisfying ending as much as possible to give justice to what they have started first aired back in September 2011.

“Once we saw the reduced episode order, we took that as writing on the wall, really. And rather than write some ending where we tread water with some bizarre finale where you don’t know if the show will come back or if we’ll be back the next year with only a few episodes, we were like ‘Screw that. Let’s give it a satisfying ending.’ Let’s make it as exciting and explosive as possible. And then we’ll drop the mic. And then walk away from it. And then some day, who knows?” Plageman added.

Thus, an excitement builds up about how the show will make its grand curtain call will be determined as they start airing May 3 and will Shahi be able to help Reese, Finch and the rest of the crew in their battle against the Samaritan and Decima Technologies.


Photo Courtesy: Frantogian/Wikimedia

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