Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Updates and Predictions: New battle mechanics; Litten and Popplio’s final evolution revealed

After the Pokemon Company’s announcement of the three starter Pokemons, including Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, for the newest game version Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, theories and predictions are continuously spreading regarding the final evolution of the three starters.

A Pokemon enthusiast and Youtuber “Pdwinnall” shared some useful information on his Youtube channel revealing the final evolution of the three starters.

Here is the video of a fan showing theoretical analysis of the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon starters Rowlet, Litten and Popplio’s final evolution:

According to the video made by “Pdwinnall”, the “Type” for each Pokemon were represented by different icons namely Icon1, Icon2, Icon3, Icon4 and Icon5. Using ‘Inspect’ command button on his computer, he has successfully identified the “Type” for each Pokemon. However, Icon3, that was in between Rowlet’s flying type icon and Litten’s fire icon was not found. “Pdwinnall” then used a search engine in order to find out the “Type” of Pokemon hidden in Icon3.

After entering the Pokemon Japanese webpage, “Pdwinnall successfully identified Icon3 and a Ground Type came up. Icon6 was then revealed as a Fighting type icon.

With this information, it can be concluded that Litten’s final evolution will be Fire/Ground type and Popplio’s final evolution will be Water/Fighting type. However, Popplio’s final evolution seemed to be rare and there are only two other Pokemons who are of the same type, Polywrath and Keldeo.

Pokemon gamers and fans were relatively impressed by the analysis made by “Pdwinnall” saying that his finding are somewhat legit and added that it may be the real information that will soon be verified by the Pokemon Company.

However, some of them did not agree. Some made predictions saying that Rowlet is going to be Grass/Ground, Litten will be pure Fire and Popplio becoming Water/Fighting. They reasoned out that primary type always comes first.

Aside from the starters final evolution, the new battle mechanics for the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were showed by a Japanese television show. According to Comicbook, the new features will let players see their opposing trainers commanding their Pokemon in a battle. Also, there is a by stander seen on the new Pokemon teaser which means that spectators will be allowed during Pokemon battles.

As the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon release draws near, the Pokemon Company is expected to release more information about the newest Pokemon version.

Photo courtesy: Youtube.com

Video courtesy: Youtube/pdwinnall

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