Power Season 3 Finale: Deaths, arrests and other spoilers; Season 4 preview

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Power season 4 predictions
Power season 4 predictions

The third season of Power ended Sunday night, with a death, discovery, betrayal and arrest which have all surely riled up fans clamoring for more. Fittingly so, as the series has been renewed for two more seasons, assuring fans more plot twists and drama from the 50 cent produced show.

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Before moving on to the speculations about the fourth season of Power, here is a short recap of the pertinent details of the season finale.


Tommy and Ghost’s relationship was already hanging by a very thin thread, and the final episode of season three seemed to put a flame under it. As the two character’s plotted to kill their drug supplier, Tommy was in a crossroads of whether to put himself first or follow Ghost’s whims. In the end, he followed the former becoming the new drug supplier and with Ghost resuming his life as James.

Meanwhile, Ghost was left with a bigger problem on hand as his son, Tariq, was kidnapped by former associate tuned enemy, Kanan. Could season four spell disaster for Ghost, who really has much to atone for, on his way to redemption?

The season finale closed with Angela arresting Ghost for the murder of Greg Knox, who is her colleague and former lover. But the arrest only seems to be linked to a standing grudge for her breakup with Ghost. But a lingering question now is, what she will do if or when she finds out that he is innocent and will Ghost protect her reputation or sell her out?

Hopefully (and probably) season four will be able to address these (and many other) questions about the show.

Power showrunner shared season 4 plans

Showrunner Courtney Kemp was able to shed some light on their plans for season four, who immediately addressed the events that transpired in the finale.

“We’re going to go right at [the fact that] Ghost was arrested by Angela. We’re going to right at [the development that] Tommy’s the connect now, and we’re going to right at Tasha having made certain choices having to do with LaKeisha and her own ambitions now being stuck in this role of, ‘Uh-oh, my husband was arrested, my kids are affected, what do I do?’” shared Kemp with TV Line.

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Speculation also seems to point that the series will debut its fourth season by the summer of 2017. Just enough time to film the show.

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