‘Power’ Season 4 spoilers: Angela Valdez did the right thing: 50 Cent gives fans reason to subscribe for next season

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Angela Valdez did the right thing? 50 Cent gives fans reason to subscribe for next season
“Power” season 4 brings more questions than answers like what motivated Angela Valdez to arrest and send James St. Patrick to jail?

After one of the major cliffhangers in Season 3, many have speculated that “Power” season 4 will bring more questions than answers. One of which is what motivated Angela Valdez (Lela Loren) to arrest and send James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) to jail?

In the season finale, Valdez thought she was doing the right thing as she personally led the arrest of St. Patrick for a crime he did not do. Unfortunately, Valdez digs deep that there is no turning back to what she has caused the love of her life. As she contemplates of her recent actions, Mike Sandoval (David Fumero) has neutralized Greg Knox (Andy Bean) and she is trying to connect the dots with St. Patrick as well.

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As she is doing so, cartermatt.com tells that Valdez could not think straight as her recent actions affected her mindset. The two might be of different issues but can she figure out that they could be somewhat related in a sense?

These are some of the things that fans would certainly be on the lookout when the show returns summer of next year. As the show is now in its production stage many have speculated that St. Patrick may spend more time in jail. Co-producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who also plays Kanan on the show, continues to tease fans of the show set for release by summer of next year.

As St. Patrick spends time in jail, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) plans to bolt her husband out of prison though it will take time as their son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) got kidnapped. Kanan hopes to manipulate Tariq’s anger towards his father to his advantage. But it remains unsure if Tariq will easily give into Kanan’s wishes.

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“Power” season 4 brings intriguing questions as Starz has ordered its production that would bring 10 powerful episodes. A trust will be one of the issues that St. Patrick and Valdez will have to work with as recent situation will surely shatter what they have established.

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The show, renewed for until season 5, and the current production will surely bring the house down. It will decide if St. Patrick and Valdez still has a future together since it was completely broken with her determination to come out clean again.

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