‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Aria and Ezra together again for good?

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Following the ultimate season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars for Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery, will the two be finally together for good in Season 7?

‘Ezria’ fans were ecstatic when the season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars showed the two finally getting back together after breaking up when Aria felt betrayed as she found out that Ezra has been writing a book about Allison’s disappearance.

Aria comforted Ezra when she found out that his girlfriend, Nicole, has disappeared, and somehow the two found themselves kissing after Ezra said that the book that they are co-writing is doing well with their editor.

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But will Season 7 finally be their time to get back together for good, as Aria is still dating Liam and no one still knows if Nicole would be coming back?

It could be as executive producer, I. Marlene King herself said that the two are “soulmates.”

“Even when they’re not together, they’re soulmates. And sometimes it’s hard for the audience to understand because they want them to be together all the time,” said King.

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It has also been revealed in a tweet by Marlene King that the song that played during Ezra and Aria’s first meeting entitled “Happiness” by The Fray will be played on the first episode of season 7.

Ezra wrote a poem about this song, calling it “B-26” because it is the song’s number on the jukebox when he met Aria. It was also later revealed that the password to Ezra’s security system is “B-26,” revealing that he might still have feelings for her.

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