Pretty Little Liars Season 7 poster released; Hanna missing?

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Freeform has just released the new poster for “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 but it seems like the poster is missing one major detail, in fact, one major character.

Aria? Check. Spencer? Still rocking the bangs. Emily? Present. Oh, and even Alison is there- but where is Hanna? The mugshot themed poster has raised the curiosity and the excitement of many fans as the season 7 premiere of the thriller series draw near.

The poster’s tagline teased even more with “How far will they go to #SaveHanna?”

In the season 6 finale of the show, Hanna has been kidnapped by Uber A, who goes by “A.D.” But will it really be the end for Ashley Benson’s character?

Showrunner Marlene King has given a little insight on Hanna’s disappearance that could somehow make the fans breathe, saying “Well, even when people are dead they still stay on our show. So that’s what I will say. Look at Andrea Parker! And Alison DiLaurentis!”

She said that it has been their goal and that no one is safe from “A”, and no one will ever be safe from being “A.”

King also shared how actress Ashley Benson reacted when she found out how the season 6 will be ending, saying Ashley “loved it” and that the actresses loved being dragged through the mud.

The season 6 finale has also been a blast for the show’s old love teams like Aria and Ezra and Caleb and Hanna.

The show’s seventh season will be premiering on June 21, 2016.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ Pretty Little Liars

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