Prison Break Season 5 Air Date, News and Updates: Michael Scoffield gets new identity; Lincoln going to die in new season

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Prison Break Season 5 new trailer release date in 2017
Prison Break Season 5 new trailer reveals Michael is alive and needs Lincoln’s help to escape from the dangerous Yemeni prison as soon as possible.

With Prison Break Season 5 already confirmed to come back to the small screens sometime in 2017, fans are wondering how will the show bring its main protagonist, Michael Scoffield (Wentworth Miller) and the rest of the cast.

As avid fans remember, Michael died in the previous season from an alleged brain tumor and his family and friends even had a funeral  for him too. But that is not the case with the upcoming installment of the show as Paul Scheuring, the creator of Prison Break, revealed the revival of Michael from the dead.

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In the trailer for the fifth installment of Prison Break, eight years have already passed since the last get together of the group. Believing that Michael is already dead, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) receives photos that his brother is alive and currently incarcerated in a Yemeni jail. He then recruits his old friends to help him break out his brother from jail and bring him home.




However, according to a picture from the Prison Break post-production process posted by Scheuring on his Instagram page, with the caption, “Michael back in the box. If it is in fact Michael.”, the creator heavily hinted that Michael is a changed man that is past the point of recognition. Speculations are also abound that Michael has taken on a new identity for his and his family’s protection.


Michael back in the box. If it's in fact Michael.

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To add more intrigue of the show’s return, Scheuring shares more behind-the-scenes picture of the cast and recently posted a picture of Rockmund Dunbar as C-Note. From the Prison Break trailer, C-Note accompanies Lincoln to Yemen where they intend to free Michael from jail.

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Wouldn't be PB without C. A changed man.

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In line with this story, a Prison Break season 5 storyboard obtained by Entertainment Weekly shows that Lincoln will face a brutal car chase that will lead him to fly through the windshield and onto the creek. It is not clear whether he will survive the crash but one thing is for sure, Lincoln is definitely in trouble.



Fox has yet to announce the official air date of Prison Break Season 5, but it is expected to be out in Spring 2017.

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