Prison Break: Season 5 coming this year

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Prison Break Season 5

Rumors are rife on the web that the much loved US smash hit series “Prison Break” will return to US screens this year. Reports said that the US smash hit series will return this year and it’s now on 4 months ahead of schedule.

An earlier published report by The Bitbag suggests that “Prison Break” Season 5 is going to start with Scofield as a living character whom somehow is saved from the previous season. A rumor is up on the web that Scofield would not have his memories during the initial days of the Season 5.

According to Movie News Guide, the latest twist in the plot is based on the son of Scofield and Dr. Sara Tancredi, which played by Sarah Wayne Callies. They will be joined by a new comer, actor Mark Feuerstein, who will play the role of Dr. Tancredi’s new husband.

The rumoured Season 5 is said to revolve around Michael and Sarah’s on who discovers that his father is still alive and imprisoned but has no memory of his life.

In the four season, we have seen Michael Scofield (Wenworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) found themselves in a midst of a serious conspiracy, which started when Lincoln was convicted to death for the killing of US vice-president Caroline Reynolds.

In Season 5, the three characters in the series will discover the realities behind Lincoln’s conviction. The new season will also feature the great bonding between the two brothers and the great romance between Michael and Sarah.

The new series ends with Lincoln, Sarah, and two more characters Mahone and Sucre, making their last visit to the tomb of Michael. One of the most interesting parts of the new season is the return of Michael Scofield, which played by Wenworth Miller.

Scofield may seem to be dead of the season, but eventually, he will return to a more important role. The only question is how will Scofield return and reborn in the upcoming new season.

Interestingly, only a few new actors have been brought on board for the new Season 5 storyline as the most original cast has agreed to remain as part of the new season.

Prison Break Season 5 is expected to hit the US screens later this year.

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