Quantico Season 2 Streaming Updates: Blair Underwood joins Priyanka Chopra in series; Alex’s new mission unveiled

Quantico Season 2 streaming reveals new episodes and new cast
Quantico Season 2 streaming is scheduled to arrive this coming Fall with new episodes. Showrunner hinted less explosive, less confusing episodes.

Setting its return on ABC this coming fall, Quantico Season 2 streaming assures every member of its audience to have less explosive and less confusing episodes. With the new cast Blair Underwood joining, it will surely make every episode more unveiling instead.

Showrunner Joe Safran revealed how the team chose Blair Underwood for a new character in the series. According to him, he has that charm, direct and comfortable feeling when it comes to presenting himself in the character. This will make him appear intelligent as a CIA officer.

“Blair Underwood is the kind of actor you dream of writing for. Be it romantic comedy, dark drama, or high-octane thriller – there is nothing he can’t do. We look forward to creating a role that will showcase his huge range and boundless charisma,” he told in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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It is also likely predictable Quantico Season 2 opens with a slow progress but more likely strategic and aggressive in between. It will likely open with Alex and Ryan and their relationship progress.

The major reason behind this speculation is his revelation on having Alex move in CIA in the second season. He thought of showcasing how other government agencies in the US teach their agents. Hence, her new mission is highly anticipated.

“We’re definitely interested in juxtaposing those two things [FBI and CIA] and seeing how both sides work separately, and how they work when they’re forced to work together,” he cited.

Aside from that, Safran thought that by having CIA as an additional ingredient to heighten the series, it will make Quantico Season 2 more interesting than the previous season.

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“I was very interested in doing a season of learning how other government agencies teach their agents. Plus, I had some unresolved issues to deal with regarding how we look at American governmental agencies,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly. 

Quantico Season 2 streaming will be this coming Fall on ABC.

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