Ray Donovan Season 4, Episode 11 Spoilers, Air Date: Jon Voight reveals Ray, Mickey reconcile father-son relationship

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Ray Donovan Season 4 episode 11 spoilers air date
Ray Donovan Season 4, episode 11 spoiler hints about Ray and Mickey Donovan’s reconciliation in series’ finale. Jon Voight reveals clues for characters.

Ray Donovan Season 4, episode 11 spoilers hint at the possibility of Ray and Mickey’s reconciliation in the remaining episodes, but there were no new signs of the series to air new episodes until September 11, Sunday next week.

As the series goes near to its finale, many avid Ray Donovan Season 4 viewers speculated about the chances of a father-and-son relationship peaceful settlement. If this happens, that’ll be a great episode to watch. However, a report mentioned that certain problems could deter the idea.

According to Catermatt, there were two concerns identified which believed could block the chances for Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) and his father, Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) to reunite in the series’ finale.

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First, there could be an issue in terms of compartmentalizing the idea of reconciliation between the two characters.

Second, their irreconcilable differences could also contribute, given that Ray and Mickey’s beliefs and values are different. That means to see such father-and-son drama in Ray Donovan Season 4, episode 11 could nearly be impossible.

The same source stated that the two characters could open other concerns to pose in the future episode. Nevertheless, it’ll be amazing to see them bond together as a family regardless of what happened.

Jon Voight, who played the role as Mickey Donovan in series, shared about the details of the character’s relationship with his son in a different angle. He said that as a father, he tried his best to build a relationship to Ray. Because of the gap, he struggled to win his son’s heart in his own way. But the problem is, he’s always involved in big troubles.

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Will they finally forgive and reconcile at the end of Ray Donovan Season 4? Or will they continue to build a gap as father and son in the future? Find out as Ray Donovan Season 4, episode 11 airs on Sunday next week on Showtime.

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