Renée Zellweger: Sims Ellison would be proud; hasn’t changed despite changing looks

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Photo courtesy: Siebbi/Wikimedia commons
Renee Zellweger’s big love; Sims Ellison, rocker of Pariah, Bonnie Ellison

Bridget Jones Diary actress Renee Zellweger may have received countless criticisms and speculations regarding her appearance, but she has remained the same person underneath all the issues of physicality.

Renee Zellweger now looks so different from the past years, so much so that even her Bridget Jones Diary co-star Hugh Grant failed to recognize her when presented with photos on a US Television.

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She’s denied having undergone surgery, or having made any decision to alter her face, and yet speculations continue; fans and journalists alike continue to wonder how her face has changed so much.

It’s bizarre, and she’s not alienated to bizarre things either as Yahoo! has reported a story of her denying being able to talk to penguins, as first brought up by Bob Ickes.

“Someone had me talking to penguins in my own special language at the zoo. But we sat on a bench, we never went to the zoo!” Renee said in a strange interview.

Underneath her ever-changing looks, Renee Zellweger remains the same person she was two decades ago.

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If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed much in her life, it’s how the death of her ex-bf rocker Sims Ellison has stuck with her, and her “big love” for him.

Sims Ellison took his own life not long after Renee left him, following a breakdown in their relationship, and that has stayed with her. Now, 20 years had passed yet she still visits Austin to pay tribute to her lost love.

They were deeply in love. It wasn’t the first time Sims Ellison attempted to take his own life, but her departure may have triggered it, especially after his band Pariah got dumped by Geffen Records back in 1996.

“She was moving to Florida, and he wasn’t. Doctors say that when you’re already mentally ill, there are triggering events – you’re depressed already, and then something terrible happens that makes you more depressed.” Sims mother Bonnie Ellison said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Despite their love’s tragic ending Renee Zellweger has never changed to the eyes of Bonnie Ellison and old friends from back in the day like Todd Wolfson whom she described as a dear friend at the Austin Music Awards, where Renee appeared as an honorary presenter, in tribute to Sims.

Todd Wolfson met her through Sims who was a common friend, and they had a photo-shoot together at the Sixth Street club called Steamboat.

“She is every bit how I remember her at Steamboat; the same Renee I took photos with. She’s the kind of friend you might not see for a couple of years but when you do, you’re right back in with them.” Todd Wolfson said.

If there’s one reason why Renee Zellweger remains the same sweet and humble person she was before becoming an A-lister, it’s probably because she’s very much connected with something deep in her past.

Photo courtesy: Siebbi/Wikimedia commons

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