Rihanna flirting with LeBron James? Savannah Brinson finally says something on ‘Thirsty’ Instagram images?

Rihanna flirting with LeBron James
Rihanna reportedly flirts with Cleveland Cavaliers power forward LeBron James as seen from her thirsty Instagram images during the NBA Finals 2016.

Rihanna cannot stop herself from showing her admiration to anyone. However, Cleveland Cavaliers power forward LeBron James is part of them. Even last year’s MVP, Stephen Curry, is also involved.

Many fans think the Barbadian beauty is flirting with two NBA superstars, Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James. One of the fans comments, “WTF she was just cheering Curry in Game 5 and 6 hmmm.”

However, herInstagram images seem to hint she liked LeBron James more. In fact, she calls James her ‘Bae’ in one of her recent posts. When Cavs won the NBA Finals, she shares another image post with Stephen Curry’s dismayed face and captions, “Ballin bigger than LeBron,’ they said.”

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"Ballin bigger than Lebron" they said

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Bae! Lol 🤗😢👑🏆💍

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Savannah Brinson, LeBron Jame’s wife, remains quiet amid the issues her husband faces after the recently concluded NBA Finals 2016. She remains still without saying anything to the public even when Ayesha Curry tweeted about the “rigged” NBA Finals game last time.

Many of the fans want her to speak up about the issues and know what she’s thinking on these matters. However, she seems to choose to remain silent and stay away from the media.

With Rihanna’s hot posts involving her husband, she didn’t say anything, not even a single word describing this Instagram photo. The “Rude Boy” singer even posted an image of herself in red bikini with 23 written with somewhat a cream on her tummy.

#StuntBackSundays #StillMood

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After the singer shared this post, many of the fans didn’t like it as she seemed to have  given everyone a clue she’s trying to flirt and get attention from LeBron James. Surprisingly, one of them speaks and says, “Hahahaha I love that everyone is bashing you.”

“The King has a Queen. You played yourself. You look like a pancake boob f****ng  looser trying to get the attention of a man that is married with children. What a thirsty ass hoe,” another fan continues.

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However, she never stopped posting images showing her explicit adoration for the basketball star. When LeBron James receives his NBA Finals MVP trophy, she captions an image of her drinking wine, “Who y’all think y’all frontin’ on?”

The post spread like fire in minutes and liked more than 564,000 times by her 40 million followers. Amid bashes and harsh comments from social media, others share that Rihanna is just like any other fan who wants to share her respect and admiration to her idols.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@badgalriri

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