Rings Trailer, Release Date, Cast: Vincent D’Onofrio the only saving grace

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Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/ Paramount Pictures International

The trailer for Rings has dropped on the internet and has already sparked controversy over the web. The omission of Naomi Watts had its share of criticism with many claiming that the film lacks originality and is destined to bomb at the box office.

Daredevil famed actor, Vincent D’Onofrio stars in the movie with many claiming that he is the only saving grace. The 5th Wave star Alex Roe and Italian actress Matilda Lutz are the other notable names of the movie. This means that the entire cast of Rings will be significantly different to that of the previous two films, as reported by Bustle.

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The trailer has also been criticized by many claiming that a lot has been given away. The trailer does reveal a lot of the movie, which acted as spoilers for many. Many claim that this has made them not want to see the movie.

The majority of the trailer reactions were not positive with many claiming that the movie will be bad like most of the other horror movies of the present time.

The trailer begins by re-establishing the basic story setting for the movie. A girl watches a VHS tape and then receives a phone call, which whispers her the words, “seven days”. The girl then goes on to experience a terrible death after suffering the worst week of her life.

The reboot seems to work on the principle of its older movies, but has amplified the visuals to greater extremes. Matilda Lutz becomes the first victim shown in the trailer. After being cursed, she suffers with peeling skin and a hairball which churns out of her stomach.

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The trailer ends with the shot of an entire passenger airline crashing after being cursed.

Rings is slated for release on October 28, 2016 in the United States of America.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/ Paramount Pictures International

Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/ Paramount Pictures International

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