Oscars: Roger Federer cheers to being No. 1 again [Video]

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Roger Federer certainly knows how to make a statement, be it on the tennis court or at the Oscars. The former world No. 1 and tennis legend turned up at the Oscars in a smartly attired tuxedo and took an oath of reaching the pinnacle of tennis once again.

Although Sunday night was more about movies than sports, Federer did not miss the opportunity to showcase his style and imprint his mark at the event. He stepped out of his character and downed a shot of tequila, raising a toast to being No. 1 yet again in the world of tennis.

“Getting back to No.1, it starts like that” Federer said.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/MostlySport

The Swiss Meastro recently delayed his return to the ATP circuit and his showcase at the Oscars proved that he is enjoying his life off the court. Federer was invited as a special guest at the Oscars and was speaking to Guillermo Rodriguez of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” while taking a shot at the tequila.

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The 17-time grand slam winner will be returning to full-time tennis in April at the Monte-Carlo Masters. The Swiss maestro is recovering from a knee surgery.

“The Rehab for my knee is going really well! I have now had a lot of great practices on the court and in the gym. I have decided to enter the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. Thanks for the support and I will see you back on the tour soon.” Federer said on his official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, another athlete made a special appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars. It was the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was accompanied by his girlfriend, Olivia Munn, as reported by The Washington Post.

However, in terms of sheer presence and charisma, it was Federer who stole the show. He was certainly the best sports star to be present at the Oscars this year.

Picture courtesy: Squeaky Knees/Wikipedia.org

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