Rowan Atkinson death: Lily Atkinson, Louise Ford influence actor to leave comedy after hoax

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Rowan Atkinson
Photo courtesy: S Pakhrin/Wikimedia

Louise Ford, girlfriend of the famous English comedian Rowan Atkinson and his daughter Lily Atkinson have reportedly influenced the 61-year-old actor to leave his comedy centric roles and perform more on the serious parts. This was mostly influenced by the false news of his death circling the internet, courtesy of a few pranksters.

Hence, after a brief hiatus from the world of television, Rowan Atkinson has returned by stepping into the shoes of French inspector Jules Maigret in the series Maigret. The British television series is based on the fictional character of a detective, created by Georges Simenon, as reported by Inquisitr.

The character of Rowan Atkinson in Maigret will be a polar opposite of the actor’s famous Mr. Bean comical. It won’t be anywhere near the joyful character which made the audiences laugh with his amazing body language and foolish gestures.

The Rowan Atkinson death story became a viral on the internet. There were several angles on the actor’s death with many reports claiming different causes and locations of the event. One of the sources even claimed suicide behind his demise.

However, the false news was quickly identified and this sent a sense of relief among his ardent followers. Social Media went crazy after Rowan Atkinson death rumors were proven to be false.


Meanwhile, Louise Ford, who has been dating Atkinson for around two years was recently seen doing some errands in London. The 32-year-old was caught featuring casuals which consisted of skinny jeans, flat shoes and a blue leather jacket, as reported by Daily Mail.

Louise Ford moved into Rowan Atkinson’s $5.93 million worth London home earlier in the year. This was just two months after the Johnny English actor divorced Sunetra Sastry, his wife for 23 years, according to The Sun.

“Rowan and Louise are both incredibly private people. But this shows they are obviously serious about their relationship.” a source close to the couple said.

Louise recently featured on a Channel 4 sitcom Crashing and Rowan has insisted that her comedy background is one of the major reason behind them being a couple.

Photo courtesy: S Pakhrin/Wikimedia

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