Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS: Divas Title Match

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Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS Divas Title Match

The final bout in the Royal Rumble 2016 before the main event was the Divas Title match. Challenger Becky Lynch was facing Champion Charlotte for the title.

Before the entrances of both the superstars, we saw the interviews with Lynch and Charlotte regarding the match.

The match started with both the Divas exchanging words. Lynch started the match with control and tried to take down Charlotte. However, the champion did well to break out and move towards the ropes thus denying Lynch of making the submission move.

Becky continued her advantage by hitting some deep armdrag and then locking an armbar. Charlotte did try to get back into the match, but Becky kept her down. Charlotte was thrown outside the ring and then her head smashed into the turnbuckle as she tried to get back in.

Charlotte’s father, legendary Ric Flair was along the sideline cheering for her daughter. When Becky tried to get hold of Charlotte, Flair got in her way. He went on to kiss Becky on the lips to distract her. This was the distraction Charlotte required and she took control over the proceedings.


Charlotte tried a few kneelifts and forced Lynch into a headscissor submission. Despite the brutal move, Becky managed to get back on her feet and delivered an electric chair move on the champion.

The Royal Rumble 2016 crowd got behind Becky and that instigated her to build steam. However, she was stopped by a neckbreaker. Charlotte conjured the legendary figure 8 on Becky, but the Irish girl countered it with a right hand to the face of Ric Flair’s girl.

Becky then hit an exploder suplex and followed it with three leg drops. She finished the sequence with a final suplex for a close two count. When everything was going right for the challenger, Charlotte delivered a spear out of nowhere to put Becky on the wrestling mat.

After many close decisions and near falls, Becky was distracted by Ric Flair as he threw his jacket on her face. This allowed Charlotte to spear Becky again to get the pin and retain the Diva’s title.

After the match, The Royal Rumble 2016 crowd erupted when Diva Sasha Banks’ music popped up. They chanted her name as she made her way into the ring. Banks extended her hand to Charlotte. It seemed evident that both of them would form another alliance.

However, the crowd erupted when Banks pulled back on Charlotte’s head with all her power. Banks’ showed her intent on pursuing for the title as she picked up the belt and showed it to the crowd.

Winner: Charlotte

Picture courtesy: beckylynchsource.com

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