Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS: Tag Title Match

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Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS: Tag Title Match

The second match of the Royal Rumble 2016 was the Tag Team championship match between The New Day and The Usos.

Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso started the match by trading quick blows. However, Jimmy took quick control and sent Kofi outside the ring. Jey Uso clotheslined him to the floor.

After a few minutes of brawling, Kofi delivered a jawbreaker and then tagged Big E into the match. Jey kept control despite Big E’s inclusion in the Royal Rumble 2016 tag team championship match.

Both the superstars countered each other’s move and that gave the crowd attending the Royal Rumble 2016 a treat to watch.

The New Day had their tricks played on the match whenever they found space. When the ref had his back turned towards the proceedings on the floor, Woods delivered a tornado DDT to Jey outside the ring. Kofi then caught Jey in a submission move and Woods teased the crowd by not playing the trombone when asked for it.

Both Jey and Kofi attempted the superkick, but Kofi tripped Jey and kept him down. Big E then delivered the running splash on one of the Uso brothers. The match was set to be over by then, but Jey’s feet were under the ropes so he couldn’t be pinned.

The New Day has found their way with the crowd somehow and it showed during the Royal Rumble 2016 Tag Team Championship match. The crowd was yelling for the New Day and booed off Jimmy as he hit some of his signature moves.

Considering none of the teams had a stipulation to work with, the superstars did very well to keep the level of excitement up for the match.

The match went into its final mode when Kofi received a superkick and a Superfly Splash. However, he was saved as his foot was put under the ropes by Woods which did not allow the referee to make the count.

Big E then made a blind tag on Kofi to get himself involved. He caught one of the Uso brothers while they made a jump off the rope and then delivered a Big Ending to retain the Tag Team title for The New Day.

Winners: The New Day

Picture courtesy: wrestlingnews.co

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