Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS: U.S. Title match

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Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS U.S. Title match

The match for the U.S. Title was the third one in Royal Rumble 2016. It was Kalisto up against the Mexican superstar and reigning champion Alberto Del Rio.

Before the match, The Wyatt-family gave a quick promo declaring themselves as the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

It was a treat to the eyes as Kalisto made his entrance wearing a brand new costume– the luchadors certainly know how to dress.

Alberto Del Rio took control of the match from the beginning. He had a definite size advantage over Kalisto and used it to full effect. Kalisto was taken to the corner and was in the receiving end of constant Del Rio punches. Finally, Kalisto was able to break free after kicking Del Rio in the back.

The Royal Rumble 2016 crowd saw Kalisto hit a suicide dive to keep Del Rio on the floor. Kalisto then went up the top rope to conjure another move, but Del Rio was swift enough to hit a running enzuigiri and place a two count on Kalisto.

Kalisto tried to get back into the match. However, Del Rio hit a tilt-whirl backbreaker and took advantage.

The fight continued as both ended outside the ring. Kalisto followed it with a hurricanrana. Del Rio then hit Kalisto with a gutbuster and forced the masked man back into the ring.

Del Rio tried his heel tactics on Kalisto and the Royal Rumble 2016 crowd went against him completely. He tried to rip off the mask from Kalisto’s head but the little man fought him off.

They continued their struggle against each other to deliver a tremendous match. Del Rio was on the receiving end of a tornado DDT but kicked out on the count of two.

Del Rio tried his double stomp finisher on Kalisto who evaded it and hit a Salida Del Sol on ADR. Just when the crowd was hoping to see a new champion, ADR caught the rope to break the count.

The match was getting tiring for the champion who was forced into the turnbuckle. Del Rio received another Salida Del Sol from Kalisto. The referee then counted one-two-three to give Kalisto the win. The Royal Rumble 2016 pay-pey-view saw a new U.S. Title Champion.

Winner: Kalisto

Picture courtesy: cagesideseats.com

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