Sabrina the Teenage Witch Return finally on TV; ABC in talks to broadcast TGIF hit sequel

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Return on ABC television again
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Return is the most talked issue, especially production team & Melissa Joan Hart celebrated its 20 years since its premiere on ABC.

After 20 years since it aired on ABC, rumors mentioned the return of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and its chances of invading North America’s Friday nights once again. But, this remains impossible in the meantime, as both the network and the lead actress Melissa Joan Hart earlier confirmed that no sequel or reboot to happen.

Celebrating its two decades since its first broadcast in the late 1990s, Melissa Joan Hart looked back on how Sabrina the Teenage Witch influenced the minds of the young kids and the young at heart. The show became part of the TGIF line up scheduled to air every Friday night until 2003.

Surprisingly, many young teens and those kids born in the 1990s wished to see the teen witch appear on the television screens once again. This became more nostalgic as the production team, including the lead actress Melissa Joan Hart, who played the role of Sabrina Spellman, celebrated its 20 years lately.

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Early this year, she teased the audience about the possibility to relive this iconic show, especially when she said “I’m going to a meeting after this…” during an interview in an American show FabLife.

As soon as she uttered those words, the audience screamed and felt much excitement, according to Mirror. However, months after Melissa’s declaration, she confirmed that there is no Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot or sequel to happen.

“There’s no reboot – just so you know. That’s all rumors. There’s nothing going on. I do think there will be a lot of people interested doing it should something come about. There’s tons of politics involved in this. No one has taken the approach to go ahead and do it right now,” Hart told Digital Spy.

Furthermore, she explained that she had a meeting with Netflix at the time when she said, “I’m going to a meeting after this.” Yet, she wasn’t expecting that many people, especially Sabrina’s avid fans would misinterpret it and anticipate her doing a reboot.

Recently, she has also told E! Online about doing the reboot for real. Hart explained that though it is great to make another version of it, but she can’t handle doing Sabrina’s character anymore. This is because she can’t handle cats per se and she felt grossed during filming, since the set smelled like cat food all the time.

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Nell Scovell, Sabrina’s creator, has also acknowledged that there is no other show, not a single TGIF show can go beyond the success of Sabrina the Teenage Witch wherein those kids born in the 2000s can still resonate with the character as well as the values Sabrina upholds.

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