Sam Heughan gay, relationship with Caitriona Balfe and other actresses are just ‘shipped’

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Many Outlander fans would love nothing more than to see Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who play Jamie and Claire Fraser, be together off-screen. However, the recent rumors about Jamie being gay begin to resurface and say that the relationships he has are just part of shipping.

Among all Outlander spoilers and rumors, Heughan and Balfe have been at the center with fans speculating about the real score between them. All the speculations are for a good reason since their love scenes are getting steamier and steamier. But what is this recent comment that Heughan is gay.


The information came from a comment thread of an Inquisitr article that introduced Mackenzie Mauzy as the woman Heughan is really dating in real life. Heughan brought Mauzy as his date to the recent BAFTA Awards where Balfe won the Best Actress award.

The article further said that prior to Mauzy, Heughan also dated socialite Cody Kennedy and actress Amy Shiels who are also stunning and gorgeous blondes. This has sparked rumors that the Scottish actor favors blondes over brunettes. However, Shiels took to Twitter and confirmed that Heughan is not her boyfriend.

This has sparked a discussion in the comment thread saying that Heughan’s relationships are all ‘shipped,’ which means the actor’s supposed relationships just exist in the fans’ fantasy. Some comments said that real life ‘shipping’ should be prohibited. Some were quick to defend the actor saying that it looked like he is really dating Mauzy.

In the midst of all those exchanges, one comment stood out accusing the ‘Outlander’ actor of being gay and that he has had a long term partner. The commenter also encouraged the actor not to be shy about it since such situations are already common and accepted by fans.

These are just rumors, of course – one that has no basis. For now, fans are just looking forward to what will happen to Jamie and Claire in the upcoming ‘Outlander’ Season 3.

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