Samuel L. Jackson weighs in on Marvel vs. DC rivalry, thinks DC movies suck

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Samuel L. Jackson
Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

The rivalry between comic book company giants Marvel and DC has been the talk for ages and the rivalry stepped up to a higher level when the two companies started incorporating their comic book stories into movies. When caught up in an interview, veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson weighed in on the Marvel/DC rivalry.

Jackson, who plays the role of Nick Fury in the Avengers in the Marvel movies, was pretty bold on who he thinks is better between Marvel and DC.

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“I think there’s room for everyone to exist out here. The fact that it’s not working or doesn’t work, or people want a specific thing, that’s what makes the movies the movies and audiences audiences. Hopefully (DC) will make one of those movies one of these days and it’ll be as big as a Marvel movie,” Jackson said.

According to Cinema Blend, Jackson appears in almost 50 films a year and knows what audiences want from a movie. When it comes to the rivalry, Jackson feels that DC films has not been very successful as much as Marvel in terms of box office and critics.

“Isn’t that a question that people at DC are asking themselves? I don’t think the Marvel people are asking themselves that question,” Jackson said when asked why DC and Marvel movies can’t be good.

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Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson, however, stated that he’s hoping the upcoming Wonder Woman film will turn out big.

“Hopefully Wonder Woman will be great too, you know. Because a friend of mine trained her (Gal Gadot) so yeah, I hope it’s good,” he said. 

Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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