Scandal Season 6: New season wrapping up story for the final installment

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Photo courtesy: Facebook/Official Scandal Page

It was almost five years since a political thriller series was first introduced to the small screens under the guidance of a former president’s press aide in Judy Smith as co-executive producer and now, it looks like fans will be seeing the last of Scandal this coming season.

The sixth season of the ABC political drama series was supposed to have a fall premiere but due to unknown reasons, the network delayed its release date. Numerous reports suggest that the delay was caused to make way for Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, who plays the lead character Olivia Pope.

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However, rumors are swirling that that is not the real reason for the delay because allegedly, the show is facing a massive downfall in viewership ratings. According to GamenGuide, the Shonda Rhimes-produced series is experiencing its largest drop in ratings since the airing of the show which has led to the rumored cancellation of the franchise.

Speculations are also rife that the political drama show is nearing its end following reports that the coming season will air only 18 episodes to give closure to the series’ narrative arc. The show usually has 22 episodes per season and according to ChattSportsNet, the upcoming installment will address the holes in the story that were left unanswered in the previous season.

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This has led to other online outlets in making possible scenarios if ever the upcoming installment is the final season of the series. Bustle, for one, gave scenarios if ever Senator Millie Grant will win the presidency, she would become the greatest president in TV series history. It will also mirror on what is currently happening in the real United States presidential election involving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, ABC has remained mum about the said issue. The studio neither confirms or denies the rumors and speculations affecting the Shondaland-produced series. However, Scandal season 6 will still air its premiere sometime in January 2017.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Official Scandal page

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