Scandal Season 6 News and Spoilers: Presidential results are in, Olivia Pope is embroiled in another political scandal

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Photo courtesy: Facebook/Official Scandal Page

The wait for Scandal season 6 is finally going to be over with ABC confirming the return of the political drama TV series premiering on January 19 next year, right after fellow Shodaland-produced shows Grey’s Anatomy and followed by How to Get Away with Murder.

The full trailer of Scandal’s sixth installment has already been released and it promises an action-packed season full of intrigues, twists and turns that will make fans crave for more.

The trailer shows a whole mess of new burning questions that include fights among characters, cast members in hospital, a hint on who is going to win the election and Olivia Pope being involved in another political scandal.

Viewers will also see an explosion of a cabin where certain characters’ fate are unknown, as it is unclear on who is injured or if there is a fatality. Add to the fact that the culprit is yet to be determined as it will be divulged in the upcoming season.

The network teased the first few scenes of the show and it showed a very anxious Mellie Grant awaiting the results of the election resulting what looks like a nervous breakdown as she tells Olivia Pope that she is done being the President of the US, according to Mobile&Apps.

The teaser also showed Quinn and Huck heading to an empty cabin that suddenly blows up, but it is unclear if they fell victim to the explosion and Fitz and Live fighting again, according to TV Line. Olivia finds herself in a dire situation of her own as each presidential candidate prepares to announce their running mates.

It can be remembered that Scandal season 5 ended with the two presidential candidates getting ready to announce their running mates, with Republican hopeful Mellie Grant having Jake Ballard as her vice president against Democratic nominee Francisco Vargas paired with Cyrus Beene.

As Scandal has been on hiatus since season 5 ended last May and its sixth season was atypically moved to midseason due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, fans will get to see if the show will mirror the real political drama that is happening in the general election of the United States with Hillary Clinton pitted against Donald Trump.

Scandal season 6 will return on ABC at 9PM, Thursday right after Grey’s Anatomy and followed by How to Get Away with Murder.

Video Courtesy: ABC Television Network/YouTube

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Official Scandal Page

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