Scott Sterling faces new challenges anew; dominates volleyball championship a year after becoming football sensation [VIDEOS]

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Scott Sterling
Scott Sterling (Photo courtesy: Twitter/@StudioC_tv)

Scott Sterling is inarguably the “greatest of all time” in two sports now after a new video surfaced online this week about his exploits and skills on a volleyball court. About a year ago, he inspired athletes from all sports and all generations after his titantic effort on the soccer pitch as a goalie.

Earlier this week, Sterling starred in another video where he was the libero for his volleyball team. And yet again, he delivered for his squad when it mattered the most— facing their opponents’ most powerful strikes and attacks and putting up the best defensive display never before seen in volleyball or any sport.

Here’s Sterling in the “game of the year” a year ago between Yale and North Carolina:

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/Studio C)

For the record, Yale won 1-0 on penalty kicks, with Sterling inarguably the man of the match after he (or his face) did not allow a goal in the crucial penalty shootout.

Despite his heroic efforts on a soccer field, it appears Sterling is not satisfied with earning greatness in just one sport and moved over to volleyball, a sport where his defensive skills can be used to the hilt.

Sterling’s team, Yale was up against rivals North Carolina again and was trailing in the fifth set of the match before Sterling’s herculean defensive effort.

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/Studio C)

Final score was at 25-22, 23-25, 25-17, 19-25, 16-14 for Yale and their team captain, Scott Sterling.

Studio C, the production group behind the Scott Sterling videos, posted on social media about the success of their recent creation.

For Scott Sterling fans, the big question is what sport will the Yale uber-star play next. For Scott Sterling, the bigger question is, if he will need to use (much of) his head again in his next venture in sports. Bowling, anyone?

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@StudioC_tv

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