Both Scottie, Larsa Pippen cheated: Scottie Pippen wife cheated with rapper Future as revenge

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Scottie Pippen wife, Larsa Pippen
Scottie Pippen wife cheating with rapper Future as revenge, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen

After 19 years of marriage, news like this could be disheartening. Scottie Pippen and his wife, Larsa Pippen seemed to be a great couple until we’ve heard about rumors that the couple is on the edge of calling it quits after almost two decades of union.

What makes the whole mess worse is that the whole hullaballoo boils down to disloyalty– for both of them.

Scottie Pippen’s wife with rapper Future?

It started with rumors from TMZ.com that Scottie Pippen and wife Larsa are not getting along. Then it was followed by another story that Pippen’s wife has been rumored to be cheating with rapper Future.

But according to a report by Huffington Post, a representative for Larsa Pippen said, “The tension between [Scottie and Larsa] started months ago during playoffs when Scottie brought another woman to a playoff game.”

“Scottie has been married to Larsa for almost two decades and has had no problems with her social media,” the rep added. “He’s sending her messages. They’re communicating. I don’t think they’re going to pull the trigger. He was saying, ‘I miss you. Let’s talk.’”

Are both Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen cheating? Is rapper Future just an aftermath of Scottie’s actions?

Things are a bit muddled at this point, and both parties don’t seem to give enough information, trying to keep it as private as possible. Hopefully the couple will be able to resolve matters outside the courts.

One person who believes they can still patch things up is Michael Jordan.

“He’s been in Scottie’s shoes before when he and Juanita were publicly going through a divorce,” a source said, according to a report by Hollywood Life. “It’s not good.”

Michael Jordan has been a long-time partner of Scottie Pippen when the two led the Chicago Bulls to NBA championships. And if one follows Michael Jordan, one shouldn’t be surprised of his tenacity, and positive thinking.

“After hearing all this drama that’s going on between Scottie and Larsa Pippen, Michael Jordan has reached out and is telling him to make it work.” The source claims. “Mike’s a family man who believes in love, and has always been a captain that Scottie has taken advice from over the years.”

Will Scottie and wife finally resolve things to save their marriage? Could they have both cheated? At this point, rapper Future has vehemently denied any rumored relationship with Scottie Pippen wife Larsa, and maintains that they are just good friends.

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