A Series of Unfortunate Events Air Date, Spoilers and Updates: Neil Patrick Harris reveals spoilers, says new series is more expensive and much darker

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When Netflix announced last year that there will be a small screen adaptation of the well-loved book of Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events, lots of people are already excited for its arrival in the streaming site.

The filming of the show is already finished as early as August and ready for public viewing. However, Netflix has not yet released a specific date for its airing but reports suggest that the series will be released in time for Christmas.

Some TV and movie critics are skeptical about a Lemony Snicket’s book being adapted for the small screens for fears that the series and the 2004 movie will have a lot of similarities creating an air of redundancy. But fans think otherwise and are more than willing to give the show a chance.

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The involvement of Neil Patrick Harris also adds to the anticipation of the upcoming Netflix series as fans are wondering on how will the actor bring to life the villainous yet sometimes considerate Count Olaf. The readers of the book know that Count Olaf is set on making the life of the Baudelaire kids miserable but he has some compassion for them despite of it all.

A series of Unfortunate Events will run its first season with eight episodes and will cover the adventures and misadventures of the Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus and Sonny. The series will follow the story of Count Olaf who orchestrates misfortunes on the Baudelaire kids to seize their family’s fortune.

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Despite the scarcity of information about the series, in a recent interview with Harris on Live! With Kelly, the actor divulged some information about A Series of Unfortunate Events. He said that Netflix will be doing one book per two episodes and the production has already covered four books for a total of eight episodes. As there are 13 books in the series, fans are expecting for 26 episodes to air in the coming years.

The How I Met Your Mother star also said, via a ChattSportsNet report, that the series is Netflix’s most expensive production. He goes on to say that the TV series is “more expanded” compared to the movie done a decade ago. “It’s a much darker take on the material that’s been seen before,” says Harris.

The series is expensive due to the components of making it. It is considered as a live-action family entertainment. The show’s demographics aims to target children, teens, young adults as well as the older generation. It is possible that the show creators utilized Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) for some of the scenes. Although there is no confirmation on the use of CGI, fans can expect some visual effects from the series.

Photo Courtesy: vagueonthehow/Flickr

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