Shameless Season 7 Spoilers and Updates: Emmy Rossum hints a possible Season 8

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Shameless Season 7
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While episode 4 of Shameless Season 7 is already in the books, episode 5 is all set to take on the mini-screens on Oct. 30. The last episode entitled, I Am A Storm, also marked the directorial debut of actress Emmy Rossum touching the issues about growing up and being a transgender.

As posted by Movie News Guide, episode 4 introduced Trevor (Elliot Fletcher), an advocate for at-risk youth in Chicago. Further, during the last episode, the series showed Trevor and Ian’s (Cameron Monaghan) acceptance of LGBT. The viewers saw the awkwardness between the two and how Ian got to learn the so-called “first hand” information from Trevor.

“Introducing Trevor was the most exciting part of the episode. To cast an actor authentically who is trans to play trans, I think that everyone was nervous that the pool of actors to look at would be small. But it wasn’t — there were a lot of really great choices. For me, the naturalism and charm and fierceness that comes with who Elliot is and the commitment to the character made him the obvious choice,” Executive Producer Nancy Pimental told The Hollywood Reporter.

According to sources, whatever the nature of Trevor and Ian’s relationship, it’s a plain sight that Trevor will play a vital role, not only on Ian’s life but also in Season 7 as a whole, especially when dealing about gender identity and sexuality.


Meanwhile, Rossum talks about how the future and how it plans out . When asked if Season 8 is already a done deal, the actress turned director only said, “As of now, I want to see it as long as it’s going to be great. I want it to be everyone together,” adding, “I can’t imagine what the show would be like without any of us.”

As for Shameless Season 7 Episode 5 Own Your S–t, the showrunners promised more scenes between Ian and Trevor. The viewers will also get to know Noel Fisher’s Mickey Milkovich character in the next episode.

Photo courtesy: Pulicciano/Flickr

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