Shane Warne bitten by snake: Update, Photos, Video

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Shane Warne, legendary Australian cricketer has been bitten by an anaconda on his head. The former international spinner dipped his head into a box full of snakes on Channel 10’s reality show “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”.

Shane Warne showed bravery when he faced boxes full of African clawed frogs, Madagascan hissing cockroaches, rats and scorpions. However, when the 46-year-old was given a box full of anacondas to deal with, he received a nasty bite on his head, as reported by news.com.au.

Despite anacondas not being venomous, they certainly have a nature of delivering nasty bites. Shane Warne himself is terrified of the reptile.

“Shane has made no secret that snakes are one of his greatest fears so it’s amazing that after being bitten he bravely continued with the trial.” Stephen Take, executive producer of the show said.

Dr Chris Brown, a veterinarian and host of the show did tell Warne to be extra careful before attending the task. The incident became more dangerous as the Australian had scent of rats on his head.

The medics of the show are catering to Shane Warne at the moment and have treated the wound with antiseptic to prevent infection. Warne is under constant monitoring to prevent further injuries.

Here’s what Warne’s official Twitter channel had to say.



A few pictures of Warne competing in the show.




For those of you who have not seen the incident, here is a little reminder of what the legendary leg spinner had to face.


Video courtesy: YouTube.com/Cheapside

Picture courtesy: commons.Wikimedia.org

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