Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts lives at risk; Death plot exposed!

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Sharon Stone, Photo courtesy: Siebbi/Flickr
Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts lives at risk. Robert Durst Manson-style execution

Basic Instinct actress Sharon Stone thought she had finally got away from her stalker in 2013 after Phillip Barnes was arrested one night outside her property. Apart from that she was granted a restraining order, barring her stalker from being within 100 yards of her.

According to a report from the Daily Mail Sharon Stone received letters from Barnes straight from the psychiatric ward.

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One letter sample she presented in court read, “I have 11 wifes picked out and would cause about 18 kids… you would sit at the other head of the dineing table [sic].”

Another missive contains a request for her to bring him “two Crown Royal bags full of diamonds… my two CIA badges, 20 billion dollars worth of Department of Treasury checks… and my gun silencer”.

Sharon Stone got another restraining order after learning through Phillip Barnes himself that he may be out in a few months.

Little did we know that her life might have been at risk years ago after a report by Radar Online exposes a death plot by millionaire Robert Durst with a thief who is now in prison.

The real estate heir of NY City’s mogul Seymour Durst is said to have devised a celebrity hit list to fool police that a serial killer is on the loose, deflecting suspicions off him after killing his long-time friend Susan Berman.

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The notion was to have popular personalities killed “Manson-style”, which included Sharon Stone.

Jennifer Aniston, who’s not shy to express a tirade of how paparazzi keeps bugging her for almost anything, as trivial as her figure, relationship with Brad Pitt, etc. is also said to be part of the murder list.

Aside from Jennifer Aniston, the source cited other celebrities in the list include Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Drew Barrymore and Raquel Welch.

An insider to the case revealed Robert Durst “wanted the same gun and techniques used on the celebrities as would be used to kill Susan Berman.”

“He wanted to create such a panic that all suspicion would be removed from him, and he’d beat his L.A. case for murdering her. It was a ruse.”

Jennifer Aniston as well as Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts and the rest of the celebrities have yet to comment on the report.

Photo courtesy: Siebbi/Flickr

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