Sherlock Season 4 News and Rumors: Sam Heughan is joining the Sherlock cast as the third Holmes brother: Benedict Cumberbatch reveals details about the upcoming season

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Sherlock season 4 has almost two more months to fill before its release on BBC and fans continue to speculate every news that keep the rumor mill rolling. The latest news that is gaining traction right now is that Outlander star Sam Heughan is rumored to play the third Holmes brother.

Sam Heughan, the Scottish actor from the popular Starz time traveler series, Outlander, is reportedly joining the cast of Sherlock and its stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The rumor about the actor’s casting in the upcoming season of the show started when Heughan and Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss shared a couple of messages on the social media.

According to the Parent Herald, the rumor started when Gatiss asked Heughan via Twitter when they are going to have a meeting to which the actor replied “when their schedules align.” The outlet claims that because of the short exchange, “fans immediately began expressing their hopes to see Heughan play a role in Sherlock Season 4.”

The same outlet further claims that Heughan would make a great addition to the Sherlock series since he is “well-known for portraying his roles well.” It went on to report that although Tom Hiddleston is initially the one who is rumored to play the role of the third Holmes brother, “now, fans are hoping that it is Heughan who lands the role.”

There is no confirmation made about the rumor yet but it is a known fact that Heughan is currently busy filming Outlander as the show is slated to return on Starz sometime in 2017. If he accepts the role, (assuming there is truth to the rumor) Outlander will suffer a great deal and might result to Heughan delivering a sup par performance.

Meanwhile, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch recently addressed cancellation rumors of the show while he is on tour for his Doctor Strange movie promo. The actor said that his past statements were taken out of context as he did not say that the current season will be the final season, according to GamenGuide.

Although he did not elaborate that a season 5 is already a confirmed news, he did say that future seasons of Sherlock may happen but there will be huge gaps in between its releases as its main cast have other projects to attend to.

Sherlock Season 4 is scheduled to air in January 1, 2017 on BBC.

Photo courtesy: Saschaporsche/Wikipedia

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