Star Trek Beyond Chris Pine reacts on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos presidential-like entourage arrival on set

Star Trek Beyond Chris Pine including JJ Abrams and Director Lin in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos presidential entourage arrival on set
Star Trek Beyond Chris Pine, J. J. Abrams as well as Director Lin reacted on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ presidential-like entourage arrival during filming.

Star Trek Beyond Chris Pine expressed his “intense” feeling when the billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos arrived on set with three limousines and nine bodyguards to film one scene.

This is so far the most interesting event that happened in Star Trek films wherein a VIP comes into the set and do stuff like every actor does. By having himself in heavy makeup and transform into an alien, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos felt really good after doing a one day shooting for his role.

According to him, his dream included being casted in any of the Star Trek films. In fact, the film series itself became one of the foundations of Blue Origin, his private spaceflight company. Unexpectedly, he became one of Captain Kirk’s Starfleet official in one scene.

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Director Justin Lin told The Hollywood Reporter that that one-day experience with Bezos was awesome. He said that the shooting was like having a very important presidential visit in one day.

“He was awesome. It was like a president was visiting, you know? He had a big entourage! But it didn’t matter because he was so into it. He had to wait around all day because it was one day we were shooting, like, three different scenes and, it was also credit to Jeff because … he just nailed it every time,” he exclaimed.

“Listen – you can’t keep people away. I saw it, I thought it was funny,” producer and creator J. J. Abrams cited.

Chris Pine, on the other hand, didn’t expect the intense feeling he got with Bezos though he has no idea who he was at all on the set.

“I was there for the bit with this, like, nine bodyguards and three limos. It was really intense. I had no idea who he was. Not a clue. But he was obviously very important,” Pine said.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Miami Herald during his interview way back 1982 that he wanted to change the world. He has been interested with space.

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When he received his National Merit Scholar and Silver Knight award for science, he noted that he wanted to “build space hotels, amusement parks, yachts and colonies for two or three million people orbiting around the earth.”

This dream was fulfilled when he launched Blue Origin and casted as one of the Starfleet officials in Star Trek Beyond.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/OfficialStarTrekMovie

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