Star Wars 8 entering post-production phase; Director shares [PHOTO]

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Star Wars 8 entering post-production phase
Star Wars 8 entering post-production phase

Star Wars 8 director Rian Johnson, who replaced Star Wars 7 director JJ Abrams, announced last month that filming for the eighth installment of the space epic has already wrapped up. In a more recent update, the director shared a photo to signify the Star Wars 8 entering post-production phase.

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The photo shows Johnson on the editing chair, with the caption “Day one!” commemorating the first day of post-production of Star Wars 8. He also took his time to share the photo below, via his Instagram account.

Day one!

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A month ago, Johnson also shared a short, looped clip of the final slate being clapped to update fans that filming had ended. This was done most probably to get their excitement pumping, which surely did, with the video garnering almost thirty thousand views (just for a director to clap the clapperboard).

“Final slate of the final shot,” was the director’s caption. “VIII is officially wrapped. Thanks to the best cast and crew in the galaxy, and thanks to the fans for all the love and support though the whole process. Cannot wait to put it together and share it with you all! ”


At this point, with filming done, and editing in the process, fans can begin theorizing on the main focus of Episode 8. Many have hypothesized that the next installment will focus on Rey and her origin, most especially her parents and her connection to Luke Skywalker.

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Fans are also anticipating that Episode 8 will see the reveal of Supreme Leader Snoke’s true identity. Various rumors have already circulated from improbable ones-like Snoke is Darth Vader reborn- and ridiculous ones-like Snoke is Jar Jar.

Johnson was quick to correct all the fan theories in an image shared via twitter.

With Star Wars 8 entering post-production phase, it’s just a matter of time before all the fan theories are answered (if you go into Hyperdrive).  The film is still in a year far far away and will be in movie theaters on December 15, 2017.

Photo Courtesy: Artiee/ Flickr

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