Star Wars 8: Rey’s origin provides a clue to our own future, which is pretty scary

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Star Wars 8 has never had a character filled with mystery than Rey whose parentage remains the subject of many fan theories. One theory that sounds preposterous, in fact, leads a clue to our own future in the real world. In fact, it is happening now that it won’t be long before the realities of Star Wars begin to manifest in the real world.

Since there are not a lot of materials or canon that exactly tells about Rey’s origins, her parentage is open to interpretation. Anything can happen in Star Wars 8 but if it is happening in real life as well, then this is the most plausible explanation to Rey’s mystery.

The theory was that Snoke created Rey from a lab in Jakku using Luke Skywalker’s DNA from his severed hand. The story goes that Jakku is a perfect place to conduct such unethical experiments since no one would really care to check it because of its remoteness. When the Empire lost the battle, they went to the Unknown Regions and resumed those experiments.

Snoke himself headed the experiment given his fascination with the Skywalker bloodline. However, they thought it was a failure and abandoned the experiment not knowing that a baby was actually formed. How Rey ended up in Jakku was a mystery but she could have been kidnapped.

This theory in Star Wars 8 is very logical and realistic. In reality, such technology is already being done. A group of scientist from the Kyushu University in Japan has been studying about creating babies using skin cells or DNA. They have successfully done this using rats. They got some skin from the rat’s tail and artificially developed it into a zygote. The experiment has been conducted as the answer to infertility because it does not require reproductive cells to create another organism of the same kind.

It’s kind of scary but at least there’s some real light about who Rey really is and where he came from.

Photo Courtesy: Erwin van Dijk/Flickr

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