Star Wars 8 Rumors: Daisy Ridley accidentally reveals Rey’s parentage

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Daisy Ridley gives clues to Rey's parentage
Daisy Ridley gives clues to Rey’s parentage

One of the hot topics that can be consistently found in Star Wars 8 discussion boards and articles is Rey’s parentage and her mysterious past. With No clear indication of her history, her roots and her lineage, Star Wars fans have even created their own theories to try and answer the question- who are Rey’s parents?

In a recent interview, Daisy Ridley, who plays the character, was able to give her best effort in keeping Rey’s past under (way way under) wraps. She only provided clues on how soon fans can find out about the Star Wars character’s mysterious history.

“We will see in a year. Just sit tight on that question,” responded Ridley when asked about the Rey’s parentage. From the looks of it, fans can expect two outcomes from her answer. The first one, is that everything is revealed in the, as of yet untitled, Star Wars 8 or (the second one) that she will spill the beans next year.

Rey’s parentage not related to Jyn Erso?

Ridley was also asked about Rey’s relationship with Rogue One: A Star Wars story’s Jyn Erso, who has been rumored to be Rey’s mother. The actress immediately shot down (with an F-11D blaster) the idea, providing a bit of math work for herself and fans alike.

“I mean, I think historically it wouldn’t work, because she is … Darth Vader is there …” detailed the actress.  “So she would ultimately be my great-grandma; no, she would be my grandma. I mean it could happen, especially in a galaxy far, far away.”

With such an ambiguous answer (because they most definitely ARE in a galaxy far, far away), could Erso really be Rey’s mother (or grandmother)?

Though other theories make as much sense as the other- like Rey possibly being a Skywalker, Kenobi or even a descendant of Emperor Palpatine- Jyn Erso as Rey’s mother is just a bit more exciting, given the fact the Rogue One is upon us.

Happy Star Wars Easter Egg hunting this December.

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