Star Wars 8 Rumors: Han Solo alive, will see return in Force Awakens follow-up [SPOILERS]

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Han Solo alive
Han Solo alive

As fans of Star Wars look for answers about the true identity of Snoke, the Luke and Rei connection and whether Kylo Ren is a good or bad guy, others are still reeling (and figuring out) the demise one of the series’ most beloved characters- Han Solo.


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But could the captain of the Millennium Falcon truly be dead?

Recently, fan have begun speculating that Solo may have actually survived the light saber stab and fall in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rumors also reported that Lucasfilm is simply keeping a key plot twist under wraps, wherein Han Solo is alive, and Kylo Ren is actually plotting on betraying Supreme Leader Snoke.

Based on these reports, fans have theorized that the supposed death of Han Solo was only faked in order for Kylo Ren to prove his loyalty to the dark side. Star Wars aficionados had even suspected Rey of being a “double agent, infiltrating and gaining the trust of the First Order.”

Han Solo survived fall like Luke in Empire?

Other followers of the series are also comparing Solo’s death to the fall Luke Skywalker survived in Empire Strikes Back, noting its similarities, and fueling the hope tank that the character is alive and well even more. Coupled with the fact that Harrison Ford (who plays Han Solo) is still listed in IMDB as a cast member of the 2017 film, some are even convinced that they will see their beloved character in Star Wars Episode 8.

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Although these fans may have to settle with something a little less, as a living Han Solo may be very unlikely in the remaining films. This has lead other Star Wars followers to believe that Han may come back, but only as a ghost, in a flashback or as Chewbacca’s figment of imagination(!).

In any case, all our questions will be answered when Star Wars makes its way to theaters on December 15, 2017.

Meanwhile, may the force (ghost of Han Solo) be with you.

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