Star Wars Episode 8: Fans wonder about Rey’s training

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star wars episode 8
Picture Courtesy: tookapic/Pixabay

Star Wars fans eagerly await Star Wars Episode 8, the next episode in the franchise. According to sources, there is no time gap around and the film will start where Episode 7 ends. Speculation is rife regarding the most eagerly awaited part of the episode- Rey’s training.

Fans expect Rey to craft her own lightsaber, which is a part of training to become a Jedi. Luke has also crafted his lightsaber previously in “Return of the Jedi.”

As Rey, reports suggest, is well on her way to becoming a Jedi, crafting the lightsaber will be an essential part of the process. However, Rey has absolutely no clue about it, and Luke will most certainly guide her through it, according to this video posted on YouTube.

Other force theorists hold that Rey will take Luke’s good old blue lightsaber in Star Wars Episode 8 while Luke, the Jedi Master, sticks to his green one.

The blue lightsaber was an important element of the plot in Episode 7 and Rey indeed has a connection to the force with the lightsaber itself. So, fans expect that connections be explored in the first half of Star Wars Episode 8.

According to Mike Zeroh, a force enthusiast who is featured in the video, it is expected that Rey will switch color sides to a new lightsaber toward the middle or end of Star Wars Episode 8. He expects the weapon crafted by her to be green. There are also speculations whether her lightsaber will have two blades or one considering that she chose a staff as her weapon of choice, reports IB Times.

So is Rey’s new lightsaber well on its way in the new episode. To be sure we have to wait for the final release of the eagerly anticipated film.

Picture Courtesy: tookapic/Pixabay

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