Star Wars Episode 8 Premiere, Predictions: Darth Maul returns; Casts ends filming with party in London

Star Wars Episode 8 premiere might welcome Darth Maul on big screen
Star Wars Episode 8 premiere predicts return of the classic villain Darth Maul in film. He might have an appearance since 20 years after Kenobi encounter.

Star Wars Episode 8 premiere is predicted to welcome a character returnee, Darth Maul. There is a chance of his return on the big screen after its last appearance in 1999.

The last time when Darth Maul appeared on a Star Wars film, it was way back in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which was almost 20 years ago. Hence, there might be chances to give this character a rebirth for the big screens this time.

Various sources mentioned that if Maul is included in the list of Star Wars film returnees, it would create a more exciting and thrilling film. In the original Trilogy, he was supposed to have more involvement in the Jedi and its community to seek revenge.

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Trained to be a Sith weapon, his role on destroying the Jedi will be a great asset to make the film more interesting. That means, he should appear more than before. His involvement with the Jedi is strong and his act of revenge is a plot every Star Wars fan should never miss.

In fact, his character made sense as part of the Jedi history. Thus, taking Maul’s character deeper reconnects with the origin of Star Wars and see how the Jedi and Sith wars began. He might be able to explain the genesis of present battles and circumstances.

When he was on the big screen, he wasn’t exposed much on the spotlight because of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s role. Consequently, he was not able to make it on the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in 2002, Melty reported. If the Star Wars Episode 8 served the Trilogy as the main basis, Kenobi and Maul should have had longer duel and longer connection in the film series.

The speculation of Maul’s return started when the audience found out his interesting background in Star Wars animated TV shows. In the television series, it depicted the long years of suffering in a junkyard. But then, he was able to regain mobility by attaching himself to a body of a robot spider. Afterwards, he went to madness.

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In the meantime, the Star Wars Episode 8 casts and crew finally wrapped their filming and celebrated their success with a huge party in London.

International Business Times stated that the stars shared photos in their social media to share their fun to every Star Wars fans around the globe. See their photos here. 

Would the fans see Darth Maul on screen once again? Find that out during Star Wars Episode 8 premiere in December 15, 2017.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/StarWars

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