Star Wars Episode 8 Spoilers, Premiere: Luke Skywalker discovers his grandfather in Ach-To, defeats Knights of Ren during battle

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Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers premiere about Luke Skywalker
Latest Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers revealed that Luke Skywalker finally meets his grandfather Snopes in Ach-To, while facing new threats from Kylo Ren.

Latest Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers revealed that the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker defeats his long-time enemy Kylo Ren and his knights in the ground battle while he remains in Ach-To. At the same time, Luke might also discover and personally meet his grandfather in his journey with Ren.

While Rey and Luke Skywalker ended the previous saga in the planet Ach-To, they will continue their journey in the same site in Star Wars Episode 8. But they didn’t have any idea that they have to face Kylo Ren with two slated battles both in the air and ground at once.

At that same event, Luke Skywalker will find out that Snopes, whose assumed as Luke’s grandfather, used and captured Rey to lure him. For Snopes, this is the only way to gain attention to his long-lost grandson. Based from the recent speculations, Luke and Snopes destined to meet later as a family as a way to show more  of the Skywalker family.

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Furthermore, a YouTuber also explained that this theory is possible, especially that the YouTube user has also read the leaked script himself. He noted that in the script, Luke soon finds out Snope’s hideout. From there, he met his own grandfather personally and knew that he was Anakin Skywalker’s father.

“What father does not know about his own creation?” Snopes answered Luke when he asked why the former knew so much about him.

Morning Ledger also cited that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy already confirmed that Star Wars series has always been about that family. In other words, given that Luke Skywalker will gain more cameos in the film, it’s possible to see more revelations about his identity after his successive absences in the previous Star Wars movies.

Moreover, more revelations about the Skywalkers’ secrets that were kept hidden for a long time will occur in the film. That means these speculations mentioned are possible for Star Wars Episode 8.

On top of that, International Business Times reported about the recent Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers, wherein another YouTuber Mike Zeroh noted its fierce galactic wars to happen in the film. As stated by Zeroh, Rey will show him a hologram of his sister Leia.

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She told Luke about the new threat in the galaxy and she needed him to go back. The Jedi Master then found out that the enemies knew about his exact location. By then, he realized that they could slay him and his friends in Star Wars Episode 8 movie.

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