Star Wars Episode 8 Spoilers, Premiere: Luke Skywalker joins Rey, Yoda in Ach-To facing Kylo Ren with more than 2-minute appearance

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Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers premiere update on Luke Skywalker's cameo in film
According to Star Wars Episode 8 spoiler, Luke Skywalker will have more than 2-minute cameo in film with Rey & Yoda. Film premiere features ancient Jedi.

Latest Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers revealed that Luke Skywalker will continue to play a big part in the upcoming film. In earlier reports, they mentioned that the character will have more cameos in the film reaching more than two minutes compared to the previous films released.

In our earlier report, we wrote that one of Star Wars Episode 8’s iconic characters Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) will have a long appearance with Rey and Yoda. Based from the leaked script released online, he will have a series of conversations with these two characters..

In addition to that, Luke Skywalker will discover Rey’s past while they’re traveling in the past and will visit a planet named Ach-To, where they could find the ancient Jedi Temple. In fact, the script showed the exact lines of the three characters.

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“Rey, the Jedi Order spent millennia in secret seeking out The One. We identified children, trained millions of them to use The Force, but none of them turned out to be The One. Then the Sith Order returned and a boy was identified as possibly being The One,” Luke Skywalker said.

His line added that they’ve been deceived from the information they thought were true. Consequently, the Clone Wars happened in his time, which encouraged the boy to become a murderer named Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker explained that the villain’s mission was to kill all the Jedi.

Trailer Addict also mentioned that Luke Skywalker will have a new look in Star Wars Episode 8. He reportedly shaved his beard that will make him look younger and cleaner than his previous appearances on the big screen. Moreover, there were changes with Rey’s hair. She’ll also wear a vest.

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Moreover, Kylo Ren’s cameos will also look altered, the same source cited. He won’t wear any mask in the film, though he’ll have the same cross guard saber in Episode 7. With his new look, he’ll battle against Rey with a one-on-one duel in the cliff for revenge.

Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers might be true or not. Yet, the avid fans will know if the script is true once the film premieres this coming December 15, 2017.

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