Star Wars Episode 8 Spoilers, Premiere Update: Plot similar to The Empire Strikes Back, Adam Driver confirms

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Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers premiere update
Latest Star Wars Episode 8 spoiler revealed that plot is similar to Star Wars Episode 5 aka The Empire Awakens except tone, Adam Driver confirmed.

Adam Driver recently confirmed the latest Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers and said that its plot is similar to the previous Star Wars’ film The Empire Strikes Back aka Star Wars Episode 5 back in 1980s. According to the actor’s statements, from the way he saw the script, he assessed that the Episode 8 is only a 2016 version of Episode 5.

This might sound disappointing, but recently, Adam Driver, who played the role of an angsty teen heartthrob bad guy Kylo Ren, assessed the two scripts from Star Wars Episode 8 (2016) and Episode 5 aka The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

He said that when he tried to compare the series’ plots, both have similar traits. The only difference between the two films is the tone of its presentation. Adam Driver said two words to describe what the avid Star Wars fans notice once they see the film. He cited “nuances” and “ambiguity.”

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That clearly means that though there will be similarities from the two films, it doesn’t mean these dissimilarities are directly observable. Unless they’re critical enough to notice these itty-bitty details, the audience won’t notice anything similar in these two Star Wars films at all.

“[The story is] great. It’s similar to how ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ has a different tone. For that people always go ‘oooh, it’s dark’ but I don’t know that it necessarily is. It’s just different in tone in a way that I think is great and necessary, but also great,” Adam Driver told Collider.

Furthermore, Esquire noted that this incident also happened with The Force Awakens, wherein they cited that the movie was nearly a carbon copy of the original Star Wars film in the 1970s. If this has already occurred in a successful film like The Forece Awakens, it won’t be impossible for Star Wars Episode 8 as well.

In our earlier report, latest Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers and based from the film’s leaked script revealed that Rey will go with the long lost Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in an ancient planet, where they discover the ancient Jedi temple. From there, they will also face Kylo Ren in their journey.

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In summary, it’s up for the Star Wars fans to notice what Adam Driver told earlier about the similarities of the two films based from the scripts. The question is will Star Wars Episode 8 succeed like Episode 5?

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