Star Wars: Rogue One to reveal Darth Vader secret [VIDEO]

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Darth Vader to reveal secret in Rogue One?
Darth Vader to reveal secret in Rogue One?

The trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars story has confirmed that the series’ most iconic villain, Darth Vader, will be part of the film. Although there is still no word about his actual role in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

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Considering the Star Wars timeline and the setting for Rogue One, it would be likely that the Darth Vader in the film would be a 40-year old version of himself. Being set in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, fans may also see a different Vader suit (as what was teased by the Rogue One playing cards).

Sources also indicate that the Star Wars villain will be used sparingly in the film, since his subordinate, Imperial Director Orson Krennic will be in charge of building the Death Star during Rogue One’s timeline.

Darth Vader to unveil Bast Castle in Rogue One?

Aside from a different armor for Darth Vader, die-hard Star Wars fans are also theorizing that Bast Castle, Vader’s Legends hideaway, will also be making an appearance in Rogue One.

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One of these fans is Mike Zeroh who, on YouTube, made a somewhat convincing point about the possibility of seeing Bast Castle in Rogue One (Check out his video below). Taking into consideration the setting and timeline of the movie (and with Vader’s less conspicuous involvement in the film), now would be a perfect time to introduce Vader’s lair to a bigger audience.

Bast Castle was originally discussed in Star Wars Legends, or what was then known as the expanded universe. This was where other stories outside of the first six Star Wars movies took place. Also included in these stories was Darth Vader and his secret fortress in the acid rain-soaked planet of Vjun, a fortress called Bast Castle.

Zeroh also describes the castle as where Darth Vader would “spend his time meditating, using the ways of the force, especially the dark side” in his video.

Will we get to have a glimpse of Vader’s Bast Castle? Only a few more months before we find out!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story lands in theaters December 16.

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