Star Wars Rumors: Rey and Luke Skywalker connection revealed: Theory tries to explain her mysterious past

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Rey and Luke Skywalker connection explained
Rey and Luke Skywalker connection explained

As Star Wars: Rogue One moves closer and closer to its launch date, more rumors are sprouting about the connection between Rey and Luke Skywalker and the origin of her character. Some are even arguing that this relationship between the two characters can be traced all the way back to Rey’s childhood.

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Star Wars fan and YouTube Vlogger Mike Zeroh, shared one plausible theory that somehow shows a semblance of logic and facts, making a convincing point about the connection between Rey and Luke. In Zeroh’s video, which can be seen below, he explains that Rey was a prodigy who showed much of the Force within her, prompting her parents to seek the help of Luke Skywalker.

In the meantime, Luke is also training Ben Solo-who also eventually takes a liking to the young Rey, with their relationship evolving into a sibling-like bond.

“Both Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo became very fond of the girl. Luke almost thought of her like the daughter he never had Ben thought of her like a sister,” shared Zeroh. “Soon though Luke got scared and worried that such a strong force wielder could be used for terrible things.”

Zeroh’s theory goes on to explain how Luke sends Ben to become an “apprentice” for Snoke to hopefully penetrate and bring down the Supreme Leader’s regime. But the plan backfires, and Ben switches to the Dark Side, largely inspired by his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker’s, similar switch in the past.

Rey and Luke Skywalker connection traced back to Force Academy?

This could also largely tie-in with SciFied’s theory on the slaughter of Luke’s Jedi academy, wherein many had thought that Rey’s vision in the Force Awakens was foretelling a disastrous future. The website goes on to explain that it might not be a vision of the future, but a recollection of the past.

Rumors also indicate that the upcoming movie has casted a large quantity of “young actors” to portray “dead children as part of Rey’s expanded vision.” Many are theorizing that this is all for the purpose of representing Luke’s fallen students.

“As we have heard the rumor, a sequence appears to involve Rey, Luke Skywalker, Artoo, Kylo Ren and dead bodies of youthful characters,” shared Scified. “An inactive adult Rey at the scene makes us think this is probably a continuation of the flashback sequence Rey began on Takodana.”

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So could is the connection between Rey and Luke Skywalker really pointing all the way back to her childhood? And did she share a special bond with Ben Solo? Fans will have another year to wait for the answers to come as Star Wars 8 will be flying in to theaters December 15, 2017.

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