Star Wars Rumors: The Snoke and Leia connection; Rumors suggest princess is actually supreme leader

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Snoke and Leia connection
Snoke and Leia connection

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story almost at the doorstep of movie theaters, much hype and anticipation is again gripping the Star Wars fandom. Recently, this thirst for more Star Wars has seemingly been quelled through the discussion of various theories about the upcoming films.

One of the latest (and most compelling) of these discussion has been the connection between Supreme Leader Snoke and Leia.

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The first time Snoke was shown in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, some were disgusted, others amazed, but many were intrigued. Most especially with who the Supreme Leader actually is and his role in the entire story.

While some fans just accepted Snoke as a new character independently created by writers to carry on the Dark Side, others simply could not accept that theory.

Some had theorized that Snoke is actually Anakin, but as many Star Wars fans would know that theory already went up in flames in a year far far away from today. Aside from Luke burning Anakin’s body, his force ghost was also shown during the Ewok party.

“Luke Skywalker would have had to remove his (Anakin’s) body and kept everybody in the dark of the fact that Anakin Skywalker was still alive,” YouTube Vlogger Dash Star shared in his Snoke theory discussion (which you can watch below).

“Though we did get a confirmation of his death by the fact that we saw his force ghost in Return of the Jedi.”

Another theory was that Snoke is Darth Plagueis’s force ghost. Although a 25-foot tall force ghost sounds as silly as a 30-foot marshmallow man monster… oh wait. But add this to the more obvious fact that Snoke appeared to be a hologram, and fans can lay this ghost to rest.

The Snoke and Leia connection

One more popular rumor making its way around the galaxy would be the one involving Leia.

While some, like Dash Star, have been entertaining the possibility that Snoke is Leia, others are exploring a deeper and less obvious connection between the two.

Another YouTuber, Mike Zeroh, pointed out somewhat convincing evidence that Leia knows Snoke.

According to him, in the scene where “Han and Leia are conversing with each other about the whereabouts of their son, and how that brought out the piece of Leia mentioning Snoke as if she knew who is or was.”

“It seems like she (Leia) knew him (Snoke), that there was a past between the two as if they met face to face,” added Zeroh. “Or she knew who he was before he called himself Snoke.”

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Or maybe it really is Leia and Snoke is actually her real form after “she confronted Luke and lost in a fight leaving her disfigured.”

See the resemblance? Or better yet.

Could Snoke and Leia be one and the same? Share your thoughts below!

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