Stranger Things Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers and Updates: Eleven is coming back; Dr. Brenner is still alive

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Stranger Things
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As Netflix is already green lighting a second season of Stranger Things earlier this month, fans are already anticipating for bits of news and updates about the latest installment. Despite the lack of details on what the upcoming season could bring, here are some speculations and spoilers on what the second season is all about.


The end of season one left fans of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, wondering if she will be coming back to the new season following the scene where she vaporized herself along with the “demogorgon” using her telekinetic powers. But considering season one’s “One Month Later” coda where Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is seen placing food and Eggo, a brand of frozen waffle that Eleven loves, in a crate in the woods, fans are hoping that Eleven is not yet dead and maybe left the current dimension for the Upside Down, the dimension where the monster lives.

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Matt Duffer, the creator and director of the show along with his brother, has all but confirmed the theory saying, “Obviously, something has happened to Eleven when she destroyed and killed that monster  and we don’t know where she went,” in an interview with Variety. “But we like the idea of potentially putting her and Hopper together.”

However, Millie Bobby Brown has cast her involvement in the second season of the show into doubt in an interview with a UK TV chat show saying “I’m not sure if I’m going to be in it but it’s fantastic, has great writers and directors… it will be good.”

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The show’s villain, the nefarious Dr. Martin Brenner or “Papa” as Eleven refers to him, was last seen in the last episode of season one being attacked by the monster as it rampaged through the school. His death was not seen on-screen thus his fate was left somewhat open-ended. Matthew Modine, the actor who plays Dr. Brenner, recently spoke to French-language movie news site Premiere, where  he said Stranger Things is no one-series wonder. He said, “Oh, there will be a season two,” where he expects to be a part of.

Also according to Matt, this is not the last we have seen of the diabolical doctor, adding, “I would say that if we were going to kill Brenner… as an audience member watching the show, if that was his death that would be very unsatisfying to me – when the monster jumps on him and we cut away. He would deserve much more than that as an ending. So yes, there’s a possibility of seeing him again.”

Stranger Things season two is slated to come back to Netflix sometime in 2017.

Photo courtesy: Lowtrucks/Wikimedia

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