Suicide Squad deleted scenes become Harley Quinn-Joker spinoff movie? An extended ‘Joker Cut’ to film soon?

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Suicide Squad deleted scenes become Harley Quinn-Joker spinoff movie
Suicide Squad deleted scenes might turn into a Harley Quinn-Joker spinoff movie soon. Margot Robbie understands why deleting backstory in an interview.

Due to the Suicide Squad deleted scenes, the movie suffered from thousands of bad reviews online. That event led to question why there were a lot of scenes cut. Due to the huge disappointment from fans, a Harley Quinn-Joker spinoff movie might be filmed.

Suicide Squad was truly a great film amid an overwhelming number of bad criticisms. But it would’ve been better if the trailer scenes were materialized in the film.

However, due to the colossal backstory between The Joker and Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie said that she understands the need to delete those scenes.

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She explained during an interview with “Tipsy Talk” that the immense amount of flash backs could confuse the present plot line. Hence, she emphasized that these cuts should be given a chance to be shown on big screens.

“I think when we were filming we got too engrossed in the flash backs. It didn’t make sense to confuse the present story by incorporating that,” she stated.

Director David Ayer also added that they have to tone down the movie from R rating to PG-13, Slashfilm cited. That’s why they have to delete those scenes that contribute to the said rating.

During the interview, Margot Robbie revealed that she’ll reprise the untold story between the two iconic Suicide Squad characters. Independent supported this claim as well. The report mentioned about the possibility of having an extended “Joker Cut” to surface later on.

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If there would be chances for the Suicide Squad deleted scenes to turn to a spinoff movie, the tremendous number of deleted scenes would finally be shown on public.

According to a Reddit user, there were more than 20 scenes which were taken out. Most of them are taken revolving The Joker, which contrasted the number of appearances the character had in the film.

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