Suicide Squad Reviews: Cara Delevingne depressed after ‘horrific’ critics from film? Model talks about her recent mental breakdown

Suicide Squad review update Cara Delevingne suicidal depression mental breakdown
Supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne admits suffering from a mental breakdown recently. Is it because of the harsh comments about the Suicide Squad?

Cara Delevingne finally responds to harsh Suicide Squad reviews. One site recorded thousands of rants from the film alone. Did these make her depressed recently?

Supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne shares her thoughts on the hurtful comments about the film from thousands of critics.

Most of them talked about how disappointing the movie was compared to “Batman v Superman,” which is also a Marvel film.

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She told Reuters that these rants are hurtful. Delevingne thought those 17,000 people who gave harsh comments aren’t fans of superhero movies at all.

The film received 31 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Consequently, one of the Suicide Squad fans petitioned to shut down the site due to the large number of bad reviews from the site.

Co-star Will Smith, who played Deadshot, noted the differences between the expectations of the fans from the way it was in comics and in film.

However, the same source mentioned Smith’s excitement over the fans’ opportunities to vote. Writer-director David Ayer explains how Suicide Squad should be executed in film.

As a movie, it is created for real people with real sense of the world. Ayer shared Suicide Squad is for those who love to watch movies.

However, the terrible outbursts from the movie-goers are definitely not the reason behind Delevingne’s recent mental breakdown.

She revealed that when she was younger, her mother’s heroin addiction contributed to her depression. After she learned about it, she felt like she has to be stronger for her mom.

Her downheartedness was not merely rooted from her mom, but the pressure of being a “great, perfect, flawless” teenager.

In fact, she shared how she wanted to take her own life with her own hands. Delevingne acknowledged that she’s a suicidal.

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She told Esquire a wish to pretend to be someone else to run away from her reality. But, she recovered and stood up.

Right now, she focuses on building her own career including her recently released “Suicide Squad.” The 23-year-old actress realized how privileged and lucky she is.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@caradelevingne

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